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2023 Nothing but love, Santa Barbara County

2023 Nothing but love, Santa Barbara County

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50% Gamay, 50% Syrah, 100% love

This wine is half Gamay clone 358 planted at Shokrian Vineyard and half Estrella clone Syrah planted at Coquelicot vineyard. Coquelicot is one of the cooler vineyards situated in Santa Ynez Valley. The marine layer consistently settles over the vineyard throughout the summer months, and the vineyard always stays a little cooler than its neighboring vineyards as it borders the Santa Ynez River. Although Syrah is generally one of the earlier grapes to ripen, this Estrella clone block at Coquelicot is the latest block of Syrah that comes into the cellar. The Gamay component is from a little farther north in Santa Barbara County near Los Alamos. The soils are alluvial deposits from the San Rafael Mountains. Although the vineyard seems sandy at the surface level, there is a thick layer of loamy clay about 36 inches deep, this greatly contributes to the density of the wine. 

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Syrah and Gamay really complement each other. Their stemmy structure meets juiciness makes the perfect prospect for a ØØ wine. For me, the magnum opus of winemaking is to make a wine that is incredibly ageworthy, grown with the utmost intentions, and is made without the addition of anything, including sulfur. That is the impetus for this wine. Nothingbutlove is exactly that. This wine is made without the addition of anything, including sulfur. Except for love, there was a whole lot of love added in the cellar!

This Gamay was harvested around 20B and fermented 100% whole cluster. The Syrah component was harvested around 22B and also received a 100% whole cluster fermentation. The grapes received a mixture of love touches and pour overs throughout 16-21 days on skins. There weren’t many whole berries left at the end of fermentation. After pressing, nothingbutlove was aged in neutral French oak until bottling unfined, unfiltered, and without the addition of sulfur on March 18th, 2024

Tasting Notes

This is one of my favorite wines. The perfect balance of energy, red fruit and balanced tannin. Enough structure to take you through a steak dinner, yet enough juice to sip her solo. Either way you enjoy, there is certainly enough energy to keep you lively at the end of the night.

Wine Details

  • 12.6% ABV
  • 142 cases produced
  • Certified organic grapes
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  • about the label

    Art: Lotus unifoliolatus was painted by my mother, Eileen Anderson. This is such an amazing native plant here in Santa Barbara County. It is late blooming, low growing, nitrogen fixing, and has a really cute tiny pink flower! It is a pleasure to see patches of green and pink sprawled throughout the vineyard rows later in the growing season while everything else has turned a golden hue.