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2023 Estate Cariño - Ibarra-Young Vineyard

2023 Estate Cariño - Ibarra-Young Vineyard

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Cariño is a coferment of the Pesquera Tempranillo and Graciano from the late 90’s plantings at Ibarra-Young. The Pesquera Tempranillo at Ibarra-Young is an own-rooted suitcase clone originating from Bodega Pesquera in Pesquera del Duero, Spain. The Tempranillo grows beautifully at Ibarra Young. In Los Olivos District AVA, Tempranillo grows easily, is very drought resistant, and always wins the beauty contest. These vines clearly want to be here! Cariño translates to ‘darling’ in Spanish, a symbol of how the two varieties complement each other in bottle. 

More Info

Tempranillo is always the first to ripen at Ibarra-Young. We harvested a few tons of this Pesquera clone to kick off our 2022 vintage. And we definitely drank Champagne! We processed the Tempranillo using about 40% of the whole cluster at the winery. 7 days after the Tempranillo harvest, I picked a few rows of Graciano to destem on top of the Tempranillo ferment. Graciano adds the acid backbone to Cariño, something Tempranillo doesn’t typically have on its own. After pressing the ferment gently in the press after about 16 days, Cariño aged in neutral French oak barrels until a month before bottling. The barrels were racked up to tank, and the wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered in June of 2023

Tasting Notes

A version of Tempranillo you’ve never tried before. Bright, yet moutfilling, and exceptionally balanced. Barely ripe dark berry tart with a nice little grippy finish!

Wine Details

  • 190 cases produced
  • 11.6% ABV
  • Regenerative organic grapes managed holistically, minimal effective sulfites
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  • about the label

    My lovely mother, Eileen Anderson, painted the mushrooms on the front label. Fungal activity is a good sign of healthy soil in the vineyard. We are seeing more and more mushrooms growing on our vineyard floor as the years go on. Mushrooms are the fruiting body of underground fungal hyphae. Hyphae help break down nutrients into organic matter and help improve plant’s access to water. Fungus is absolutely essential to soil health for our plants. The psychedelic compost microbes on the back are painted by me! Their rainbow color palette isn’t exactly the way you see these organisms under the microscope, but it was way more fun to paint in the rainbow. :) Protozoa, bacteria, fungal hyphae, organic matter, and (beneficial) nematodes are all really good signs of a productive and beneficial compost. All of these organisms (+OM) are found in our barrel compost and windrow compost, both used in our compost tea to spray our vineyard.