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2022 Estate Marsanne - Ibarra-Young Vineyard

2022 Estate Marsanne - Ibarra-Young Vineyard

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These vines were planted in 1973, part of the second planting at Ibarra-Young Vineyard. As is everything else on the vineyard, they are also own rooted, no till, rotationally grazed, and interplanted with native plants to the Santa Ynez watershed. This block sits across a fairly sandy part of an alluvial bench that runs through the vineyard. It has extremely low vigor so its clusters are constantly dappled with the California sunshine. Imagine this while you’re tasting! We’ve been working hard on rebuilding soil health in this section especially and are just now beginning to see the impacts of our rotational grazing and no-till practices.

More Info

This wine was picked around 20.5B just as the acids were starting to deplete. In the cellar, 20% of these grapes were destemmed and fermented in a small stainless steel tank for 10 days on skins, and the other portion was pressed directly and fermented in neutral french oak barrels until dry. The fermentation is always with native yeast and native bacteria. After 10 days, the skin contact portion of this wine was pressed in the basket press before joining the rest of the marsanne in neutral french oak. This wine went fully through malolactic fermentation and spent 18 months on elevage without sulfur. The skin contact portion and the direct press portion of this wine were combined into one about 5 months before bottling. The 2022 Marsanne was bottled unfined and unfiltered on March 18th, 2024.

Tasting Notes

Floral and warm nose with a delicate and welcoming palate. Think passing a honeysuckle bush on a long springtime walk. This wine likes good views at golden hour at your favorite tranquil spot. This wine is great now, great the next day, and will age for many, many years.

Wine Details

  • 12.0% ABV
  • 92 cases produced
  • Regenerative organic grapes managed holistically, minimal effective sulfites
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  • about the label

    Art: the barn owl sits perched in the valley oak tree on guard for pesky rodents. This imagery was my first idea for an âmevive label and came to fruition by my talented mother, Eileen Anderson. The vineyard is home to more than ten 150+ year old Quercus lobata. They provide shade for windflowers, homes for little critters and are an important part of our vineyard ecosystem.