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2021 Estate 50th Anniversary - Los Olivos Cuvée

2021 Estate 50th Anniversary - Los Olivos Cuvée

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With so much respect to the people who came before me, it is an absolute honor to present a new limited wine to you. This wine is really special! Bob Lindquist and I made this wine in collaboration in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ibarra-Young Vineyard. The fruit is entirely from the original plantings at Ibarra Young planted by Charlotte Young in 1971. With the exception of a few legacy accounts, this wine is solely available directly through the online shop and through wine club. 

There are only 2 barrels made of this limited wine. We hope you love it! We hope you are able to feel a bit of history in this bottling. 

Cheers to the people who came before us <3

More Info

Here is a little history to catch you up on the who's who at the vineyard. Charlotte Young planted the first two blocks at Ibarra-Young in 1971, making the vines 50 years old in the 2021 harvest. Although we originally thought Miguel Ibarra was Charlotte's right-hand man working in the vineyards from the beginning, we recently discovered that he started working with Charlotte a few years after the first planting. But Miguel Ibarra and Charlotte Young quickly became the dynamic duo of what was then called Valley Oak Vineyard.

Charlotte was much more passionate about growing grapes than making wine. She sold the grapes for many years, and until Bob Lindquist came along, no wine brand was affiliated with the vineyard.

Bob Lindquist is a winemaking pioneer in Santa Barbara County. If you haven’t heard his name, you’ve probably heard of his wines. He was accredited for starting the Qupé label and had the lease on Ibarra-Young Vineyard from 1986 to 2018. That’s a long time! At that time, he planted what I now call the “young vine” blocks, which consisted of Marsanne, Tempranillo, and Graciano. He began the vineyard's transition to organic practices in the early 90s. As an ode to the people behind the place, he renamed the vineyard from Valley Oak Vineyard to Ibarra Young Vineyard to recognize Charlotte and Miguel.

Bob is a pioneer, a mentor, an advocate for organic and biodynamic viticulture, a great winemaker, a joy to be around, and an absolutely wonderful guy.

So, to show my appreciation for Bob and honor Charlotte Young, I proposed the idea of a 50th-anniversary wine. And her release is finally here.

Tasting Notes

This wine is a combination of both of our styles, and the blend is based on Bob’s old Los Olivos Cuvée wines. Los Olivos Cuvée was a wine under the Qupé brand that was first made in 1988. Our 50th-anniversary wine followed the same base blend but was made by both of us. Bob contributed a barrel of Syrah, and I contributed a half barrel of Syrah + a half barrel of Mourvedre. The wine has always been a blend of about 75% Syrah and 25% Mourvedre, depending on yields and depth. The Syrah is the meat and backbone of the wine, while the Mourvedre gives a bit of lift.

Wine Details

  • 12.6% ABV
  • 44 cases
  • Regenerative organic grapes managed holistically, minimal effective sulfites
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  • about the label

    You’ll see Charlotte Young and Miguel Ibarra sketched in pencil on the front. The artwork was done by my mother, Eileen Anderson. Charlotte and Miguel poured a lot of their lives into this vineyard, it is now their namesake, and we will continue to honor them as time passes.